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Artificial sweetener replacement

Health concerns puzzled artificial sweetener, taste and cost problem challenge natural ones.

What EPC FLAVE modulators provide:

Through years of delving, we promote the taste experience and lower the cost-in-use of natural sweeteners, liberate you from artificial sweeteners when pursing health, palatable, cost-effective sugar reducing solutions.


Natural-sourced and clean label

We offer FLAVE modulators that are plant-based and can be hidden in the label of flavor, enabling formulators to keep a short ingredient list.

Sugar-like sweet profile

Savarin creates great taste in sugar-reduced applications by synchronizing the temporal perception of sweetness, acidity and flavor, while building up a rounded mouthfeel.

Downsizing your budget

By providing both taste, aroma and mouthfeel, our FLAVE modulators can reduce the volume of sucrose and other flavoring substances, achieving a lower cost-in-use.

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