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Yogurt & Milk based beverage

Achieving indulgent taste and mouthfeel is challenging dairy formulating.

What EPC FLAVE modulators provide:

Over the past years, we have worked to solve the problem of lacking of creamy flavor and mouthfeel in sugar or fat reduced dairy products and masking of unwanted aftertaste. Take advantage of our expertise to address dairy trends such as indulgent flavor and mouthfeel, and less sugar content.


More sugar-like sweet profile

Savarin creates great taste in sugar-reduced applications by synchronizing the temporal perception of sweetness, acidity and flavor, while building up a rounded mouthfeel.

Clean sweet finish

TasteAroma helps reduce unpleasant lingering sweetness that is often associated with the use of high-intensity sweeteners to reduced sugar content. In addition, it helps increase authentic creaminess flavor and mouthfeel.

Creamy taste and full-bodied mouthfeel

Savarin and TasteAroma both are synergic with dairy products, enhancing the creaminess of milk-based products. A small dosage of Thaumatin, the creamy taste igniter, enriches creamy perception in dairy.  

Enhancing fruit flavor perception

The yogurt new product launched with origin flavor declined in 2018-2019, which indicates an increase in flavored ones. Explore Zestaroma and Savarin for authentic fruit flavor, freshness and juiciness.

We offer FLAVE modulators that are plant-based and can be hidden in the label of flavor, enabling formulators to keep a short ingredient list.

Natural-sourced and clean label

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