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Fresher, Fruitier, Juicier

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Freshness is most important but often neglected attribute

Lack of freshness in fruit-flavored or fruit food and beverages due to heat processing impairs the palatability of both full sugar and sugar-reduced products.

Aftertaste like bitter, tart, astringent & artificial off-notes, especially in sugar-reduced products using sweeteners, also gives an impact on the attractiveness of the products.

What is Freshness?

Freshness is a multisensory decision
Tactile mouthfeel and trigeminal reaction

Key elements for freshness perception

  • Simple and clear aroma

  • Congruent taste

  • Refreshing mouthfeel

  • Pre-stored memory of experience

The top two freshness perception killers

  • Ambiguous or unrecognizable aroma

  • Drying and coating mouthfeel (astringency, sticky…)

Source: Marvin P. Fried. Overview of Smell and Taste Disorders

Freshness in Beverages
FRESHNESS in Beverages

The aroma (smell) is the first sensory attribute contributing to freshness, assessed by the perceived closeness of the smell to the perception of the original, unprocessed fruit.

Freshness also results from a mouthfeel that is described as mouth-watering.           

Freshness is the consequence of a flavor perception (processed sensory attributes) if all sensory signals point in a balanced, coordinated, and unambiguous way to the same stored image in our brain associated with freshness.                  

Why beverages lack freshness

Mismatch of aroma and taste, delaying the brain from rapid recognition of flavor


Frequently beverages lack freshness due to a mismatch of aroma and taste. Any mismatch creates ambiguity and prevents an early and clear flavor recognition which is important for freshness perception


Even subtle mismatches cause ambiguity and delay in recognition but are much more difficult to improve.


Restoring Freshness of Fruity Flavor


Stimulating mouth contracting and mouth wetting

Designed for fruit-flavored beverages, Zestaroma™ restoring freshness, fruitness, and juiciness of freshly squeezed juice, stimulating mouth contracting and mouth wetting.

Quickens the flavor recognition

As shown in the diagram, Zestaroma​™ quickens the flavor recognition, make it easier for the brain to make a fresh judgment.

Time/Intensity (TI) Curve for Lemon Flavor in water with or without  Zestaroma™(200 ppm) and Flavor Recognition Time (RT) [mean ± s.d.]

Product Portfolio & Regulatory Status

Product Portfolio

Recommended applications:

Food/beverages using fruit-flavored flavors, fruit juice, or concentrates


Zestaroma™ 200LN 01

Suitable for fruity-flavored beverage applications with sweet flavor, or for a harmonized flavor

Regulatory Status

Zestaroma™ is in compliance with IOFI Code of Practice, FDA(GRAS) in the USA, REGULATION (EC)

No 1334/2008, labeled as ”Natural Flavor“ in the US, and “Flavouring” in EU.

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