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Full-bodied mouthfeel

Sugar reduction leads to watery, void, flat mouthfeel

What EPC FLAVE modulators provide:

Since sugar provides mouthfeel together with sweet, EPC FLAVE modulators replicate the full-bodied mouthfeel as much as the sugar, to restore the pleasant taste experience as full-sugar version of a beverage.

Provide taste and tactile sensation

EPC FLAVE modulators offering both taste and tactile sensations, which are vital components for flavor perception. Enabling sugar free/reduced beverages to have full-bodied mouthfeel.

Downsizing your budget

With more countries levying sugar tax, the cost of beverages sweetened with sucrose is mounting higher than ever. Our FLAVE modulators can reduce the volume of sucrose and other flavoring substances, achieving a lower cost-in-use.

Creamy taste

Savarin and TasteAroma both are synergic with beverages and foods, enhancing creaminess of milk-based products and other beverages. A small dosage of Thaumatin, the creamy taste igniter, enriches creamy perception in dairy and milk-based beverages.

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