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Block undesirable taste

Bitterness, astringency, etc., are bound to bad beverage.

What EPC FLAVE modulators provide:

Our science research accesses us to block the common undesirable taste like bitterness, astringency, metallic,off-taste from functional ingredients, heat processing, etc., present a clean, palatable, smooth flavor perception.​

Bitterness & astringency


Savarin and TasteAroma effectively block the off-taste like bitterness and astringency possibly from the use of sweeteners, functional ingredients, plant-based ingredients.

Masking plant-based 


While enjoying the "health halo", the plant-based ingredients also puzzled by off-taste problem. We are devoted to mask the undesirable taste, offering a pleasant taste experience to plant-based beverages and food.

Palatable drinking experience

Via blocking the off-taste and offering mouthfeel and retronasal aroma, FLAVE modulators enhance overall flavor of beverages and foods, offering a palatable experience.

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