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Carbonated soft drink

Great taste & healthy solution are always on trend

What EPC FLAVE modulators provide:

With an increasing blurring of categories, the “triply-play” of taste, flavor and mouthfeel becomes more important than ever to ensure a holistic pleasant experience throughout the whole process of drinking and swallowing. With our in-depth knowledge, we enable:


Minimize sugar under

"0 artificial sweeteners" 

Savarin creates great taste in sugar-reduced beverages by synchronizing the temporal perception of sweetness, acidity and flavor, while building up a rounded mouthfeel.

Clean sweet finish

The creation of TasteAroma aims at cutting unwanted sweet linger that is often associated with the use of high intensity sweeteners (HIS) to reduce sugar, no matter artificial sweeteners or natural ones. 

Authentic fruit flavor

Zestaroma is designed to restore and reinforce the authentic freshness and juiciness of fruit flavor. Savarin boosts the perception of fruit flavor to reach a signified level.

Speed-up R&D cycle

Our FLAVE modulators are almost ready-to-use solution and requires minimum refining formulation work. It helps you win in first-mover advantage.

Budget downsizing

With more countries levying sugar tax, the cost of beverages sweetened with sucrose is mounting higher than ever. Our FLAVE modulators can reduce the volume of sucrose and other flavoring substances, achieving a lower cost-in-use.

Natural-sourced & clean label

We offer FLAVE modulators that are plant-based and can be hidden in the label of flavor, enabling formulators to keep a short ingredient list. 

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