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tea drinks

Bitterness, astringency & smoothness mouthfeel & fresh tea taste puzzled RTD tea drinks

What EPC FLAVE modulators provide:

We are able to help improve the taste profile while still using natural ingredients, whether you are looking for brighter and refreshing fruit notes or less bitterness and astringency in sugar-reduced formulation.

Minimize sugar under

"0 artificial sweeteners" 

Our solution is plant-sourced and is able to reduce maximum volume of sugar in tea drinks. You are free to choose the right sugar content for your new product formulation.

Clean sweet finish

TasteAroma helps reduce unpleasant sweet linger that is often associated with the use of high-intensity sweeteners, both artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners.

Eliminate off-note from brewing process

Work with our FLAVE modulators to apply innovative taste solutions that achieve a pure taste, aroma and flavor of tea and fruit components.

Replicating full tea drinking experience by releasing tea aroma

We found that the reason of “distortion” in taste and aroma of RTD tea drinks may be the lack of retronasal, namely back note comparing to top note. Our solution helps building back lost retronasal due to processing, or the removal of sugar or other ingredients.

Pleasant mouthfeel after swallowing

Our solution creates an improved mouthfeel but still preserve the desirable astringency of tea drinks to meet a broader reach of consumers demand.

Allowing for low-sugar or no-sugar claims

With the use of our FLAVE modulators, you can reach a maximum sugar reduction in RTD tea formulation, which can claim 30%-50% less sugar, low sugar or zero sugar, winning consumers who are mindful on sugar content when making purchasing decision.

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