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Perfecting sweet profile

Sweet linger & aftertaste

are making sugar reducing beverage unpalatable

What EPC FLAVE modulators provide:

Through the osmolytes mechanism, we block the sweet linger and aftertaste from the use of high-intensity sweeteners, deliver clean taste perception. By synchronizing taste, aroma, mouthfeel, we are able to pair the sweetness, acidity and flavor, providing a "real sugar like" experience to sugar reducing beverages.

Block aftertaste

TasteAroma™ has great synergy with artificial HIS. It is an effective tool to mask aftertaste, including metallic and medicinal notes, creating a palatable and balanced flavor.

Free of sweet linger

The creation of TasteAroma aims at cutting unwanted sweet linger that is often associated with the use of high intensity sweeteners (HIS) to reduce sugar, no matter artificial sweeteners or natural ones. 

Better overall flavor

Through mouthfeel and retronasal aroma, FLAVE modulators enhance overall flavor of beverages and foods, offering a palatable experience.

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