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Functional beverage

Unpalatable taste from functional ingredient perplexed the category

What EPC FLAVE modulators provide:

EPC has mature experience in formulating great-tasting sugar-reduced functional beverages with a well-harmonized taste profile. Work with us to deliver functional beverages that meet consumers’ demands for physical and mental health and great taste.


Block undesirable taste

TasteAroma helps reduce unwanted aftertaste and increase authentic creaminess flavor. Savarin is especially suitable for masking off-notes in functional beverages, delivering a superior clean taste.

Real sugar taste

Savarin creates great taste in sugar-reduced applications by synchronizing the temporal perception of sweetness, acidity and flavor, while building up a rounded mouthfeel.

Zestaroma is designed to restore the authentic freshness and juiciness of fruit flavor. Savarin boosts the perception of fruit flavor, signifying the perception of fruit flavor.

Enhancing fruit flavor perception

Our FLAVE modulators are almost ready-to-use solution and requires minimum refining formulation work. It helps you win in first-mover advantage.

Accelerate R&D cycle

Downsizing your budget

With more countries levying sugar tax, the cost of beverages sweetened with sucrose is mounting higher than ever. Our FLAVE modulators can reduce the volume of sucrose and other flavoring substances, achieving a lower cost-in-use.

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