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A New Non-stevia leaf taste modulator

Delivers clean, natural

taste perception

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—Low sugar peach flavor drink
(sweetened by fructose, aspartame, acesulfame)

 Flavor Identification needs a positively hedonic pairing of taste environment

Processing a volatile flavor stimulus in the brain is effortful, any reduction in such effort would be rewarding, resulting in the positive evaluation of the volatile flavor stimuli. Sugar-free and plant-based nutrition add difficulty to both identifications of a flavor and the creation of a liking flavor. Our integrated flavor and taste modulators provide a hedonic environment to enable the ignition of an extraordinary liking flavor of food and beverage.


EPC Natural Products Co.,Ltd. is the world’s leading innovator of natural taste and flavor modulators.  By its deep understanding of the interdisciplinary science of neurogastronomy, gastrophysics and chemesthesis, together with thoroughly screening natural brain-pleasure molecules, EPC provides TasteAroma, ZestAroma, Savarin and Thaumagic modulators containing retronasal aromas.  These solutions make sugar-reduced consumables with great taste and clean labelling, and support cost optimization in end-product formulations. The full range of products work synergistically with flavors, high intensity sweeteners, fibers and thickeners to deliver perfect sweetness at significantly reduced costs.

About EPC

-A FEMA. member

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The FLAVE Modulator University (FMU) is a knowledge-sharing platform dedicated to enabling the professionals of food & beverage and nutrition industry to create products that fascinate customers with the greatest taste ever since.

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