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Photograph by Barbara Sweetman


INS No. 957

6th Taste Ignitor for Dairy Products

Thaumatin is extracted from Katemfe, the fruit of the West African plant Thaumatococcus daniellii, and is totally natural with creamy flavor

Five tastes only?

Then why fat-reduced dairy tastes less enjoyment?

Lack of Creamy Taste

Lack of Full-bodied Mouthfeel

Low or zero-sugar/ fat version just don’t taste the same as the full-sugar/ fat counterparts. When sugar or fat is removed, it tastes watery

and lack of flavor.

Sugar and fat both contribute a lot to mouthfeel or texture in dairy, delivering a

full-bodied mouthfeel or rich mouth-coating during your eating and after your swallowing. The cut of sugar or fat leads to chalky and thin mouthfeel.


Source: Stephen DeAngelis. Fatty Foods Taste Good — Fat, Not So Much!

What is the 6th taste?

Richard Mattes, a scientist at Purdue University has discovered that there exist receptors on our taste buds that can recognize the taste of fat. This taste is different from the five basic ones, and thus it is called the 6th taste.


ignite 6th taste - Fat Taste

Performance of Thaumatin in Enhancing Mouthfeel

ThauMagic™ Thaumatin makes taste buds more sensitive to fat taste and flavor.

The creamy taste and flavor in dairy are enriched, rounded, and prolonged.

  • Enhanced Creaminess

ThauMagic™ Thaumatin Harmonizes with the fruity flavor presented in dairy products. Masks off-note and elevates the sweetness perception.

  • Improved Flavor

ThauMagic™ Thaumatin enhances full-bodied mouthfeel, enabling intensified creamy and milky enjoyment in dairy products.

  • Full-bodied Mouthfeel

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